Gas-tight, oil-free, compressors HAUG up to 450 bar g.

HAUG Sauer Kompressoren AG, with offices in western Switzerland, Germany and China, is a leading manufacturer of oil-free piston compressors for oil-free air and other gas compression. At the Swiss production plant in St. Gallen oil-free reciprocating compressors are developed and manufactured to the highest quality for high reliability. The range includes a wide range of compressor types that are individually optimized, tailor-made for various projects, or developed and manufactured in quantities and designs for OEM customers.


Gases / applications / references 

SF 6 - recuperation O2 - oxygen H2 - hydrogen Refrigerant gas or R-gas
Compressed air Natural gas - CNG CO2 - carbon dioxide Special gases 
N2 - nitrogen Bigas / biomethane He - helium, noble gases  

HAUG compressors are used in industrial, medical, chemical, energy and gas applications where the following characteristics are required:

  • process safety
  • process purity
  • environmental Protection
  • durability and availability
  • highest quality and reliability
Type Photo

Maximum suction pressure

Cooling kW Final pressure Flow


20 bar (g) A 0,5-2,2 60 bar (g) 10-50 Nm3/h
HAUG.Mercure 20 bar (g) A 3,0-4,4 100 bar (g) 30-70 Nm3/h
HAUG.Neptune 16 bar (g) A 2,0-7,5 100 bar (g) 50-100 Nm3/h
HAUG.Sirius 16 bar (g) A/W 7,5-30 100 bar (g) 400-1000 Nm3/h
HAUG.Sirius.NanoLoc 31 bar (a) A 11-30 451 bar (a) 60 Nm3/h
HAUG.Titan 16 bar (g) W 37-110 100 bar (g) 2000 Nm3/h
HAUG.Cygnus  0 bar (g) A 0,37-2,2 30 bar (g) 12 Nm3/h
HAUG.Taurus 0 bar (g) A 4-11 60 bar (g) 45 Nm3/h
HAUG.Orion 0 bar (g) A/W 11-30 60 bar (g) 160 Nm3/h

A - air cooled
W - water cooled