Oil-free compressors SAUER & SOHN up to 15 bar

Two-stage, direct-drive, air-cooled, oil-free compressors Harmattan with clutch are designed for non-stop operation.

Medium - air
It is oil-free air compression - class 0 according to ISO8573-1


  •      Arrangement of cylinders into boxer technology, ensures perfect balance
  •      Quiet and smooth running
  •      Flat construction thanks to horizontal cylinders
  •      Vertically split crankcase facilitates maintenance
  •      Built-in crankshaft with one-piece bearings

SAUER & SOHN offers state-of-the-art compressors and control systems.

  •      Optimum customer service - the initial offer extends to the entire service life of the device
  •      Individual solutions according to customer specifications
  •      Customer-specific documents and calculations
  •      Individual service plans

Piston, oil-free Harmattan up to 10 bar.

Typ Motor m3/h
WP 68 LON 11kW 56,3
WP 101 LON 15kW 85
WP 154 LON 22kW 125
WP 222 LON 37kW 185

Piston, oil-free Harmattan up to 15 bar.

Typ Motor m3/h
WP 65 LOM 11kW 53,6
WP 97 LOM 15kW 81
WP 143 LOM 22kW 114
WP 215 LOM 37kW 179